Stephanie Johnson is a leading New Zealand novelist whose books have won many awards.... [+]
Alison Jones is an educational researcher and a Professor in Te Puna Wānanga, the School of Māori and Indigenous Education at the University of Auck... [+]
Kathleen Jones is a Royal Literary Fund Fellow and has published ten books, including six biographies and a collection of poetry... [+]
Mike Joy is a Senior Lecturer in Ecology and Environmental Science at the Ecology group, Massey University.... [+]
Jane Kelsey is a Professor of Law at the University of Auckland.... [+]
Graeme Kennedy is a retired Professor of Applied Linguistics at Victoria University of Wellington.... [+]
The late Michael King, who died in 2004, was one of New Zealand’s leading historians. He was the author of a number of outstanding biographies, incl... [+]
Kathleen M. Kuehn is a lecturer in media studies at Victoria University of Wellington.... [+]
Cybèle Locke is a lecturer in the History Programme at Victoria University of Wellington.... [+]
Charlotte Macdonald is Professor of History at Victoria University of Wellington. ... [+]