Social Investment

Social Investment

A New Zealand Policy Experiment

The idea of social investment has obvious intuitive appeal. But is the new social investment approach robust? Is it built on sound philosophical principles and analytical foundations? Will it deliver better outcomes?

Social investment is a major focus of contemporary New Zealand policy making. Yet despite its prominence, the social investment approach is often poorly understood.

This book brings together leading academics, commentators and policy analysts from the public and private sectors to answer three big questions about the social investment approach: What is it? How should it be put into practice? And where can it be most productively applied? Social Investment: A New Zealand Policy Experiment is an essential work for people seeking to understand New Zealand’s social policy today and in the future.


Peter Alsop; Ben Apted; Jonathan Boston; Holly Briffa; Simon Chapple; Alex Collie; Isabelle Collins; Steffan Crausaz; Jo Cribb; Sir Michael Cullen; Killian Destremau; Elizabeth Eppel; Diane Garrett; Derek Gill; David Hanna; Gary Hawke; Sarah Hogan; Tim Hughes; Girol Karacaoglu; Gail Kelly; Michael Mintrom; Graham Scott; Verna Smith; Simon Wakeman; Peter Wilson; Amanda Wolf; John Yeabsley; and Warren Young.

Print publication:
Ebook publication: Dec 2017
Pages: 500
ISBN: 9781988533582
DOI: 10.7810/9781988533582